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About Us

Johanna Arias

Owner/General Manager/Professional Housekeeper & Organizer

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A little bit about myself:

I have been cleaning since a very young age. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I learned  from my parents two important rules. Keeping a house clean, providing maintenance as well. After all a house can not run its own course by itself, right?

So, this passion for cleaning, having a tidy and organize house, started at an ealier age. When I moved from New York to San Antonio, my second job was working for a cleaning company. After a while, I decide to give it try on my own; and since cleaning your own house can be a little bit different than, doing it for someone else. I decide to take multiples cleaning job. That way, I was able to learn all aspect of the cleaning industry. I work in hotel, in a spa, and like at mention above in a residential cleaning company. Doing this different types of cleaning teach me a lot things. Later on, I was able to incorporate what I learn in my own small business and in my own home as well. 

I have been cleaning professionally to others since 2013, however, by 2016 I have to stop working, Because I was with an autoinmune health issues. I use to clean all types of enviroments, use heavy and non-healthy cleaning products, in addition, to cleaning a lot houses with heavy mold build up. At the time little did I know that MOLD, was so dangerous and that it will cause tremendous damage to my health. So, I stop working for while, and to figure how to deal with my health issues. Then, in 2019, I decide to reopen my business.

 I am ready to pour all my passion for cleaning, and help you keep your home clean and organize. 

Of course I learn my lesson and now am very careful of which chemicals I use. I work with a list of products that are not only save for me, but for you, and love ones. 

If you have any questions or concern feel free to text me. Let me know how can I assist you, or help you upkeep your home, and enjoy that time with family, friends or simply relax. 

Have a day off, on me............


The Cleaning Mom

Looking forward to meeting your expectations.

Busy schedules make it difficult to find time to maintain a proper home. The best way to ensure your home is always clean and tidy is by hiring The Cleaning Mom. Our customers love the fact that we incorporate their wishes into our method of cleaning. By working with you to create, your very own cleaning plan, and following it every time we perform a cleaning service. We are able to ensure consistent results that meet your needs. Our goal is to let you come to a home that is clean and in order. That’s why we take the time to offer services that work with your budget, cleaning preferences, and busy lifestyle. We do recognize that many homeowners prefer to try out a cleaning company once before determining if they’re the best, most trustworthy choice for their cleaning needs. Do you want to see if you can trust that we'll provide one the most honest, reliable, personalized and budget friendly cleaning services? THEN, give us a chance to work with you, and don't worry we'll come to your home fully Insured. We want to make sure to provide you with an unique and personalize cleaning service. One of our goals is to become someone that you can trust with all your home needs. 


 You will not be disappointed working with us.  We want to bring you one of the best personalize quality service in the cleaning industry. 


Now you have time to do what you feel, Why????

Because, we will work with you, so you can spent that extra time doing the things you love.