Extras Service & Fee

The Cleaning Mom is committed to your complete satisfaction, we strive to offer the most consistent, reliable, and affordable house cleaning services around. Beautiful homes require constant care and maintenance; it takes an enormous amount of work to protect your investment and keep your home looking it's best. If you don't see a service you need in here. We recommend contacting us to ensure the service you want is offered. We now offer same day service base on our availibility and at One time service hourly rate. Please note extras service below have an additional fee.


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Cabinet and Drawers

The cabinets and drawer will be clean in the outside for a regular cleaning. However, let us know if you need inside cleaning as well. Just ask us, we are here to take away from you this extras tasks. "we clean the way you want"

Fee $20.00 and up, for the inside cleaning of your empty cabinets and drawers. 

Bed make & Linen change

We will change up to two bed per home depending in the size of your home. Let us know if you want extra bed to be made for an additional fee. In addition, our detail/deep cleaning offer under the bed cleaning, UPON REQUEST! Please budget for extra time need it to clean under your beds, specially if you have stuff under it.

Fee $10.00 for additional regular beds.

Remote control king size bed each $20.00


 Any Home Organization

Who doesn't love a clean and organize closet. We do, let us work in your closet organization. Do you want to do it by color, the style , etc. Do you have other areas that need organization as well, tell us how you like to have it done and, we will do our best! Fee $38.00 an hour with one cleaner. 

Interior Window Cleaning 

We currrently cleaning just interior of windows in your first & second floor home. As for outdoor window cleaning, we do not offer this at the moment. 

Fee $10.00 per window set interior (small to medium)Fee $15.00 to 25.00 (large or bigger) window or by the hour.*

Manually Dishes & Loading Dishes

You can choose to have dishes done in your home as an extrasWe can manually do it or load your dishwasher. Please note: If you add this service and the amount of dishes pass a full sink, a different fee must be paid. Fee $15.00 Loading empty dishwasher. Fee $25.00 full sink (manually) or by the hour.*

Wet Wipe Blinds

If you haven't clean your blinds in a while, and it has a heavy build up that it doesn't come out with just dusting them. We recommend having those blind wet wiped individually. To properly remove all dust, allergen and heavy build up. Please note: high blinds may have an additional charge. 

Fee $15.00 small (each).

Fee $20.00 medium size (each).

Fee $25.00 Large size (each) or by the hour.*

Oven Cleaning

The Oven often accumulate excess of grease and other build up, not only in the inside, but all the side, behind and under. Customer must move the stove in order to properly clean other sides areas.

Fee $30.00 Lite Oven Cleaning. 

Fee $40.00 Deep/Move Out Cleaning

Laundry Service

You can choose how much you want us to do. One, two, or three load?  

The dry and folding is included in the  fee. The customer must provide detergent and any special instruction.

Fee $25.00 per load and include folding.

Refrigerator Cleaning

The refrigerator will be clean inside as an extra service or deep cleaning. Please note: that for a better and more complete cleaning, the sides, the back, under and on top the refrigerator need to be clean. 

Fee $30.00 Lite Fridge Cleaning.

Fee $40.00 Deep/ Move out Cleaning.

Dry/Wer Carpet Cleansing

We called it a carpet cleansing, this service is  ideally for customer that wish a more cleaner carpet in between regular vacuum, regular carpet cleaning or shampoo cleaning company.  For more information about this service visit F.A.Q. If you want to have your house clean all the time with the Water Vacuum instead of our regular vacuum. The fee will be 38.00 extra. 

Glass Door  Cleaning

We also clean the inside and outside of  Glass Doors , Small to Medium size glass door. Fee $20.00 inside & out or at your hourly rate* Please note: Large, Extra Large & French Glass Door, will have a different price (TBD).