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The Cleaning Mom Residential Checklist

Customer Name:__________________________Garage/Gate Code_____

Address:_____________________________________________Sq. ft._____

Date of Service:______Frequency(W)___(BW)___(M)___(One Time)___

Total of animal: Dog___Cat___Other type of pet__________________


Kitchen___ Eating & Dinning Area:

Clean kitchen tables___Disinfected counter top___Microwave cleaning in & out___Front of cabinets wet wiped___Scrubbed & shined sink___Cleaned outside stove & fridge___ Cleaned outside of small appliances, toaster, coffer maker, etc___Dusted door frame__Vacuumed & Mopped all accessible wood & tiles floor__Cobwebs removal(as needed)__Dusted any ceiling fans, window blinds, sill & ledges___Dusted all accessible baseboards___Dusted accessible & reachable furniture___Took out trash & replaced bags(upon request)___

Master bath__Full & Guest bath___Powder room:

Cleaned mirrors___Vanity sink disinfected & Cleaned___Wet wipe cabinets outside___Cleaned & disinfected toilet bowl in/out___Cleaned shower, glass door & tub___Cobwebs removal(as need)___Dusted accessible AC vents___Dusted any ceiling fans, window blinds, sills & ledges___Dusted all door frame, accessible & reachable furniture___Dusted accessible baseboards___Vacuumed & mopped all floor___Vacuumed closets(upon request and if door are open)___  

Master & Hall bedrooms___Guest & Kid Rooms___:

Cleaned or Dusted Nightstand___Cleaned & Dusted all mirrors__Dusted dresser___Dusted picture frames___Vacuumed all accessible carpets & edges___Cobwebs removal(as needed)___Dusted all accessible ceiling fans, window blinds, sills & ledges___Dusted all door frames & accessible AC vents___Dusted accessible baseboards___Vacuumed & Mopped all floors___Vacuumed closets(upon request and if door are open)___

Livingroom__Game Room__Stair__ Office Area__:

Dusted all accessible & reachable furniture___Dusted all accessible Ceiling fans, Window blinds, sills & ledges blinds___Dusted all​ accessible Door frames & AC vents___Dusted all accessible baseboards___Vacuumed carpets & accessible areas under furniture___Vacuumed & Mopped all floor___Cobwebs removal(as needed)___Wiped stairs rail(as needed)___

Laundry & Utility Room:

Vacuumed & Mopped floors___Wet wiped washer & dryer outside___Cobwebs removal(as needed)__Dusted accessible baseboards__Dusted or wet wiped cabinets__Cleaned Empty Sink___


Task below upon customer request, additional fee or time will be charge. Detail clean choose up to 2 task, Deep clean up to 4 task, (excluded the one with extra fees); All task that have(*) below, will be cover in a Move In/Out Clean. 

Wiped all touch points; light switches, door knobs, remote control*___Degreased Microwave stove vents & filters*___Wet wiped accessible baseboards*___Wiped Down Accessible AC Vents*___Wet wiped Inside Cabinets & Drawers*___Door to door dusted or wiped down*___Wet wiped accessible fans*___Wet wiped doors*___Cleaned inside refrigerator lite/deep $30/$40 fee(up to 30 minutes)___Cleaned top, sides & back of fridge(client must pull it out for us to clean)*___Cleaned inside oven lite/deep $30/$40 fee(up to 30 minutes)___Vacuumed & mopped pantry floor*___ Wipe down pantry shelves*___Cleaned in & out patio door glass(small glass)*___Cleaned in & out main entrance door glass(small glass)*___Vacuumed fireplace only*___Wet wiped window sill & ledges*___Cleaned window glass inside 1 & 2 floor*___ Black-splash cleaned*___Manually dishes half/full sink $25(and up) or by the hour___ Loaded dishes in empty dishwasher $15___Made any beds $10/$20(each)or by the hour ___Washed, dry & folded clothes(per load)$25 or by the hour___ Individually wet wiped window blinds $38 an hour(plastic vertical & mini blinds will not be clean, as they are easy to break)___Vacuumed under empty beds (as far as we can reach)___Cleaned indoor trashcans ___Cleaned outdoor trashcans $45 fee__ Polished wood furniture, leather couch or cabinets from top to bottom(client please provide cleaning supply)___Garage, balcony, outside patio(swept & mopped)___Vacuumed carpet & floor with water machine fee $45___Floor scrubbing(not all floor can be scrubbed)___Accessible light fixtures(lite dusted)___Wet Carpet Cleanse $45 an hour___ Vacuumed in & out sofas___ Home Organization $38 an hour___ Heavy Duty Cleaning Inside Oven( TBD)___ Toilet Tank Cleaned___ Trash Holder Inside Cabinet Cleaned___ Shower/Bathroom Grout Scrubbed___

General Notes:




Wood furniture & Wood floor instructions_______________________________________

Team hourly rate: (1)$______ (2)$_____(3)$______ (4)$_______

Team estimate cleaning time: (1)______ (2)______(3)______ (4)______

Client approved cleaning signature: ______________________________Date:_______

Check type of cleaning performed today: Basic___Detail___Deep___Heavy Duty___

Move Out*____Move In*____By Square foot(10-25 cents)TBD____

Your home was professional cleaned by:__________________________Date________

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