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Cleaning a house takes a lot of work and wi​th a busy schedule, it can be hard to stay on top of all the cleaning tasks. Spend less time scrubbing and more time doing the things you love. Check what we can offer in different areas of your home. But, remember that we work with you to create the perfect cleaning for you. We provide basic cleaning, detail cleaning, home organization and deep cleaning. We can even clean by tasks or certain areas in your home. This way you can keep a budget friendly clean home. Take back YOUR life by letting us handle the house cleaning. Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you. Select service and tell us about your home (sq. ft,  beds, bath, hour you need and any additional services). 

Living Room

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, so they easily become cluttered and dirty. When we clean any room of the house, we begin working “top to bottom, left to right” to clear cobwebs, dust light fixtures and ceiling fans, then dusts blinds, entertainment centers, coffee tables and other wood furniture. We can skip knickknacks, if you've specified we shouldn’t touch. Please note: that extreme value or sentimental items are best to be taken care you. As they make not be cover under our loss & damage policy.

What do we clean in your Living Room?

Dust Blinds - Dust Window Sill & Ledges - Dusted Entertainment Centers (as we able to reach) - Dust Coffee Tables - Dust End tables - Dust all accesible furniture surfaces - Vacuum Floors (tiles, wood, etc) - Dust Lamp Shaded - Dust Door frame - Dust Ceiling Fans - Dust Pictures frames - Upholstery vacuum & polished (per customer request and additional time or fee may apply)  Other 

Check Our List, and you will find what is cover in a Basic Clean and Detail Cleaning or Deep Cleaning.


Kitchen Place

We all know how cooking two and three different meals a day, especially in a large family means? Like my daughter will said " MOM where all this dishes came from" specially if is her turn that day. Well, bottom line is the kitchen gets dirty faster than any other room in the house. This often means a long night of cleaning dishes. Over a period of time the dirt and grease can build up making certain area a little more challenge to clean. So, what can we do to help you keep this area clean and let you enjoy more free time with your family? 

We will clean the following:

Appliance Surfaces - Outside Fridge - Outside Dishwasher - Stove Outside - Control knobs - Microwave Cleaning Inside and Outside Counterops Wiped - Front of Cabinets Cleaning  - Wiped Tables  Dust Chairs - Vacuum and Mop Floors - Dusting of baseboards Dusting of  window blinds, ledges and sills and more. If you want a more detail cleaning, let us know so we can add the appropiate time. Check Our List, and you will find what is cover in a Basic Clean and Detail Cleaning or Deep Cleaning.


The Cleaning Mom are trained to treat your bedroom with respect. We begin by Wiping down all surfaces - Dresser - Side tables Dusted Lamp - Dust Window sills - Dust Blinds - Dust Baseboards and Other Furniture. We’ll also dust photo frames - Ceiling Fans and Bookshelves. We can change sheets if the customer provide them. All basic cleaning services include up to two bed made per home.

If you need an additional bed made, let us know ahead of time. We finish by vacuuming all the carpet or floor areas (tiles, wood, etc) and mop if is need it.

Check Our List, and you will find what is cover in a Basic Clean and Detail Cleaning or Deep Cleaning.


The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house. Because of this, it’s also one of the hardest to keep clean. In addition to frequent use taking a toll, steam from the shower and sink create the perfect atmosphere for dust, soap scum and spotty mirrors. The Cleaning Mom is here to help you keep your bathroom clean and reduce germs as much as possible. 

What do we clean in your bathroom?

Showers - Tubs - Sinks - Wipe Front of Cabinets - Clean Mirrors Dust baseboard - Dust blinds - Dust window sill - Dust Ledges - Disinfect toilet in and out - Clean shower glass -Dust door frames - Vacuum floor and mop - Empty all trash and more.

Check Our List, and you will find what is cover in a Basic Clean and Detail Cleaning or Deep Cleaning.

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